How Did Martin Luther Affect Society

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Martin Luther was a man who greatly affected his society during the Renaissance period. He lived from 1483 through 1546. Luther was born a peasant, but lived to be a Professor of Theology and a monk. During his life, he did many things, some are more well-known than others. The first being he wrote the 95 Theses. The second being his protests led to the start of the Protestant Reformation. Lastly, he helped make the Bible more accessible to people of the world. Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses on October 31st in the year 1517. He angrily wrote this after Pope Leo the X announced the new indulgences needed to help fund the construction of St. Peter of Basilica. Luther wanted to reveal the wrong doings of the church and papacy. They were…show more content…
It began after Luther was exiled from the Catholic Church. He helped promote his ideas by constantly printing information and that began to change Europeans belief in God. The Catholic church as well as some kings and emperors were against Luther’s beliefs. Luther’s religion was based on the Bible being the sole authority in the church. The Thirty years war started because people were growing tired of the violence over the involvement of the church with political and economic issues. By the time the Reformation ended, Lutheranism became the state religion throughout most of Germany. Martin Luther affected many people with his writing talents. He began writing and giving lectures after receiving his doctorate in Theology from the University of Wittenburg. While in exile from the Catholic church, Luther translated the bible from Latin to German language in an attempt to spread the knowledge of the bible to the people of Germany. Luther also wrote two books to teach the words of God, a large catechism for the pastors to teach adults and a small catechism so parents could teach the bible to their children. With the help of the printing press, over 10,000 copies of the bible were published by 1530. Luther was able to spread and influence others at home through his teachings, and technology helped him expand Lutheranism as well as the bible to other
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