Was Martin Luther A Radical Or Conservative Essay

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Martin Luther was a German Priest and Theologian born in Eisleben in 1483. Luther was the son of a copper miner, and he became a very well educated young man. Martin Luther went to Erfort University in the year 1501. Luther graduated from his masters at Erfort University in 1505. Later that year, Luther joined a monastic order and studied to become an Augustinian Friar, it is not entirely clear why Luther actually joined the monastery. He was officially ordained a Friar in 1507, the Abbot of the Monastery saw him as an extremely smart monk. Luther was particularly good with languages and dialects. So was Martin Luther a radical conservative or a conservative radical? It can be said that Luther’s religious views were at times very radical. Luther…show more content…
During the Peasants War and Revolt against higher authority, it seemed as if many of Luther’s teachings had encouraged the lower class citizens. Peasants seemed to agree with Luther’s attacks against the Roman Catholic Church and it inspired many peasants to try and “wreak vengeance upon all their oppressors” . However, when Luther himself had to choose between supporting the Peasants and siding with the nobility and Princes, he chose to support the side of lawful authority. In his writing, “Against the Murderous, Thieves Hordes of Peasants”, Luther ridiculed the Peasants behaviour and he even states that in his view the peasants are doing the work of the devil. Luther’s radical view against the peasants is again highlighted when he wrote “Against the Rioting of Peasants”, here he states that they have broken the oath of loyalty to God and have committed many terrible sins against their religion. Luther’s true radicalism is shown when he goes as far as saying that violence should be used against peasants and that they deserve death, he feels they are “faithless, perjured, disobedient, rebellious, murderers, robbers, and blasphemers, whom even a heathen ruler has the right and authority to punish”

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