Rhetorical Analysis Of Mlk's 'I Have A Dream'

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Brookelynn Stone Debrianne Johnson Honors English – 2B Essay 2 14 November 2014 Voice as Motivation: A Rhetorical Analysis of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech on how African-Americans aren’t treated the same as white people. Have you ever been discriminated for your race or religion? Black people weren’t treated right just because of their skin color. Equal no matter your race or religion is something that took time to develop in the United States and in other countries people fought for it as well. Even though slavery ended a while back, black people still weren’t treated the same and they were discriminated on something that didn’t even matter. Someone needed to take a stand and say what needed to be said. Rosa Parks didn’t give…show more content…
This movement regarded independence regardless of race and the stop to discrimination towards black people. Martin gave his outstanding speech, “I Have a Dream”, in the year of 1963. He wrote and said this speech because he was tired of the countless times when black people were treated differently just because their skin color was different. Black people had different drinking fountains, schools, swimming pools, restaurant etc., all just because they had a different skin tone. His speech was the start to ending the prejudice and racism…show more content…
Rosa was arrested for this and was found guilty. The movement had now gone into full force because of this act in the South. When the black and white people decided to combine schools e=this was a good turn in the movement. The Public commissioner of safety had released dogs on black teens that were unarmed. This event caused Alabama to reach its full potential in the movement. These events lead up to MLK’s famous speech and the speech that changed everything. He knew that if he didn’t take a stand and say all that stuff in front of everyone then black people would keep getting made fun of just because of their skin color and they would continue to use different toilets and it would only get

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