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MY VIEW ON BODY AUTONOMY What you are about to read is my view on body autonomy and why I don’t think it should be practiced in Nigeria. I will first start by defining body autonomy. Body autonomy (or integrity) is defined as the right to self-governance over one’s without external influence or coercion. Though body autonomy is technically a human right and human rights should be in alienable, the negative consequences of it still out way the positive by a long shot. First, let me start with the aspect of abortion. Abortions in Nigeria are legally restricted in Nigeria, permitted only to save the life of a mother. Abortion is a very polarizing topic all over the world, and it is basically the perfect example for this argument. When most people argue about abortion, it is said that you are either pro-life or pro-choice, pro-life being those that are against the abortions and…show more content…
These are both hot topics when it comes having the absolute right to body autonomy. Think of this scenario. You are a person who just protested for right to bodily autonomy, and you won the case. The very next day when walking your son to school you see a group of naked people making love to each other across the street. There will be no consequences for the people you and your son saw because they have the right to do so because it’s their bodies and they have full right to do whatever they want with it wherever they want to, and you have live with it no matter how immoral or disturbing the act is. Allowing people to be naked wherever they want or sell their bodies on the street would make the streets of Nigeria a very unpleasant place be to be, due to people without clothes walking around everywhere. Also, nobody would want their children to grow up in a place where people walk around the streets naked and prostitutes doing their jobs openly on the

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