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History of women citizenship in the United States of America To begin with the history of women citizenship in the United States of America, we have to look all the back to the 18th and the 19th century from the independence of America onwards. The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), was the rebellion against Great Britain by the thirteen American states which established the United States of America. Originally restricted to the settlements, French and Spanish intercession would spread the battling to Europe, the Caribbean, and the East Indies too. The war had its beginnings in the safety of numerous Americans to charges forced by the British parliament, which they held to be unlawful. Formal demonstrations of defiance to British power…show more content…
Most ladies were occupied with supplying the troops with nourishment, apparel, restorative supplies, and even cash through raising money. Others, following in the strides of Florence Nightingale who spearheaded the organization of expert nursing in the Crimean War, took to specifically watching over the injured, treating the debilitated and guaranteeing the strength of the troops. There were in excess of 400 reported instances of ladies who battled as warriors in the common war. Masked as men, they battled nearby others for their…show more content…
Their rights were denied to them for no reason but because it was a male driven world. Women played important roles in both the American war of revolution as well as the civil war not showing any weakness. If it weren’t for the women, the war casualty would have been even higher. Women were unnecessarily discriminated to an extent that the only identity they had were their husbands. After round a 120 year old struggle, women in America with the help of the NAWSA got the Nineteenth Amendment Passed allowing Women to finally vote, hence finally becoming an equal citizen of the United States of

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