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The March on Washington had helped the African nation gain their freedom. The March on Washington was an important moment in the civil right movement. Many people helped to organize the march, many people made donations for the benefit of the movement, and many people helped organize it. The March on Washington was important because it was one of the turning points in the Civil Rights Movement Many people spoke, protested, and supported it. The march was on August 28, 1963 from around 11:00 in the morning to 4:20 in the afternoon. This march was in Washington, DC. On August 28, 1963 the March on Washington changed the nation. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his speech and this had been one of the turning point for the civil rights movement.…show more content…
The March on Washington protests encouraged many different kinds of aggressors, such as, feminist, antiwar, and the environmental movement. A diverse crowd came to the march, many different races and ages, some rich and some poor, and Hollywood stars and regular people. The March was more peaceful than expected and the city put a lot of policemen out that weren't needed. The March on Washington was a great success, it had helped the African American community get their point through to the people. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech had helped a lot with the civil rights movement and many people had come to see him speak His speech was the finale and had been delivered many times before. Surprisingly Dr. King drew his references from a wide variety of sources, including the Bible, the US Declaration of Independence and Shakespeare. The speech Dr. King gave was meant to persuade people to believe that there should be freedom across the nation. The march and speech had helped reach this goal very

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