Congressman John Lewis 'March' Analysis

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Told from the perspective of a living historical figure, “March” books one and two describe the first-hand experiences of Congressman John Lewis during the civil rights movement in America. “March” depicts John Lewis’s prophecy to become a leader of people. He first discovers his post as a leader by preaching to his barnyard chickens. Later he evolves in his role as a preacher by giving sermons to an actual audience. After achieving his goal of becoming preacher John Lewis worked hard to put himself through college. While he was there Lewis felt the need to do something more and this is when he reached out to Dr. King. Amazingly, Dr. King not only responded to Lewis’s letter, but also called for a meeting. These were the first steps John Lewis took in becoming an activist fighting for equality. While with Dr. King, Mr. Lewis learned about non-violent protest and how the white community would react to his request for equality. With this training John Lewis would begin to help change America.…show more content…
The question is “How do we wade through all the bullshit?” The answer is to become information literate. To think critically or not accept the information your are given without fairly criticizing it. An example of a time where I used information literacy has to deal with Facebook, a site where I feel this skill lacking. I saw a post saying the treats had caused the deaths of many dogs and that the store recalled the product. Worried about my dog I called the distributor of the treat, Big Heart, and asked about a recall. They said that there was no recall and they had not heard of any deaths caused by their treats. So it turned out that the convincing Facebook article was actually wrong and my dog was not going to die. Information literacy is a big part of life and is used from dog treats to politics. People in the twentieth century need to be information literate in order to become a more progressive

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