Comparing Matrix, Gattaca And The Island

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Technology has furthered the world and modern civilisation in more ways than we can possibly imagine, but what if it wasn’t used in this way? What if it was used as a weapon to control people by dehumanising them? What if technology was used to mask the truth? These are the questions that the directors of the films The Matrix, Minority Report, Gattaca and The Island pose to us. The Wachowski siblings Lana and Andy bring an apocalyptic earth takeover to life in The Matrix. Steven Spielberg creates a world where futuristic technologies are used to monitor an entire city to keep it crime free despite the consequences in Minority Report. Andrew Niccol in Gattaca sends us to a place where people that are conceived via technology (genetic modification)…show more content…
We expect technology to be used for the ‘greater good’ when in reality we have no idea the extent in which it is being or could be used. In the Matrix and Minority Report the people are all completely unaware of the malicious presence of technology in their everyday lives .These people see technology as we see it in reality, when in fact it is the exact opposite in these films. Technology hides behind a facade and an illusion of a utopian world. The utopian illusion which in the Matrix is everyday life and in Minority Report is a crime free society where innocent people are imprisoned. This illusion is also present in the film Gattaca the workers are subjected to multiple DNA tests everyday, monitoring samples of their urine and blood for alcohol and other substances. Using this technology is made to seem like standard procedures for the workplace but is in fact a way to ‘weed out’ the invalids from their upper class. We see this when Vincent enters Gattaca for his job interview. In first attempt he is Vincent a child conceived ‘naturally’. He clearly stands out from the other candidates with his glasses and lower class outfit. This identifies him as an invalid, a lower class member of society. In the film Gattaca people that have been genetically altered using science and technology are seen as ‘better’ human beings. Discrimination occurs on a day to day basis and barely anyone ever questions it. Invalids are given lower paying jobs as they have only been given access to lower grades of education. This in a way is very similar to the 1950’s in America during the civil rights movement. African American children were given access to a much lower quality of education than white children, this meant that they could not get high paying jobs and advance further up society's ladder. Invalids are never given equal opportunities to ‘valids’ even though they are all

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