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Why Weren’t The Police Able to Catch ‘Jack The Ripper’ ‘Jack The Ripper’ an infamous killer from the 19th century. His five victims consisted of only female prostitutes. The police of the time were unable to catch Jack, and there were many reasons that contributed to this. The first reason is the lack of technological advancement in the forensics field. Fingerprinting would be invented a couple of years after and machines would come around much later. All police had then were eye-witnesses and undercover missions. These two methods would prove to be greatly ineffective due because most people would not co-operate because of the state of the police in that time. In addition to this Jack was smart enough to avoid the undercover police. This…show more content…
They were useless at crime-solving and were quite brutal. This lead to people mocking them and choosing not to help them. Most drawings of the police dictate that they were weak and clumsy, along with bad structure. Some cases even show that the police had murdered some innocent people. This was not helpful because most of them were shut out by the public when they were asking about ‘Jack The Ripper’. They also did not have many policemen then, only having a small force when the old one was abolished. However, some people did communicate with the police. They described mostly his look, but they weren’t really consistent. Some saying that Jack was short and some saying he was over 6 ft. This meant that the witnesses were of no help whatsoever. The police still didn’t know what Jack looked like and no one else would talk. The media was also a part of the reason, they spread scare stories of what Jack had done in an over-exaggerated fashion. This meant that people were to scared to speak up if they knew anything in fear of being killed. They also wasted the police’s time by urging them to investigate ‘Leather Apron’ and this time could have been used to uncover more information to catch

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