The Quasi War: The Vietnam War

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Quasi War: The Forgotten War Between France and the U.S. War is a relatively proverbial concept to the vast majority of nations around the world. In the late 18th century, the United States became engaged in an undeclared war with France known as the Quasi War. “The Quasi War dwarfed all else in the administration of John Adams.” (De Conde, 1966) There are a number of reasons why this particular conflict occurred. The purpose of this essay is to accurately delineate some of the main causes leading up to the war, as well as illustrate some of its outcomes. Moreover, this essay will attempt to explain the particular importance of this somewhat “forgotten conflict” (De Conde, 1966) in American history. In order to fully comprehend the causes…show more content…
He formed the Consulate. This new form of government was comprised of himself, along with two other individuals who would soon govern France. The Consulate proved to be far more effective than the previous Directory, creating the Bank of France and the Legion of Honor. The Consulate also seemed very ambitious, shown through the attempted capture of the Louisiana Territory toward the beginning of Napoleon’s reign, as well as the Napoleonic wars of his later days. The rise of this dictator is what ultimately allowed for the French to have the ability and means to retaliate against the United States in the Quasi War. His leadership abilities, along with his ability to apply strategic lesson plans from past known dictators, however harsh they may have been, allowed Napoleon to be an unequivocal component of the Quasi War. He is one of the central reasons that the French were able to fight back against American efforts in the Quasi…show more content…
How did it end? Did it just stop? Did someone surrender? There was a treaty that brought about peace between the two nations in the year 1800. On November 9th, 1799 Napoleon made the decision to change some of his politics and policies. Soon after this, President Adams heard from William Vans Murray and John Quincy Adams that France wanted to negotiate. In response, the president sent official envoys to France. With this, a treaty was created on September 30th, 1800. On this day, a treaty known as the Treaty of Mortefontaine was signed. It marked an end to the undeclared war between the United States and the French. The treaty ridded both nations of all past agreements while simultaneously re-establishing trade between the two. These agreements included the debt owed to the French after the Revolutionary War and brought an end to the previous established alliance between the U.S. and France from that time period as

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