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Nowadays, we live in a world surrounding by society’s pre-justices. Us, human are living in a world where people judging each other by the sexes. Our world is so gender-based that it is hard for people to think about a person without knowing the person’s gender. When we discuss about women, we always refers them to pink, weak and need to be protected. But then when we talk about man, most of the time is how to “man up”. Our society has constructed the gender categories that make both man and woman feel the pressure about their own gender. The documentary Tough Guise 2 realizing by Jackson Katz and the article “Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds” by Arthur Chu will reveal many factors that not only women, but…show more content…
We’re living in a world where the term “gender” refers only to women. The reason for this constructed stereotype simply is because they are women. This is not the case because in any culture, being a real man and being a real woman are all the rules that society have already made. Women are not the only victims by all the social’s pre-justices and critics. Men also feel tensions from society and its constructed gender categories. The “Man Box” concept is a good example to this fact. The man box is about how a real man supposed to behave in today’s society. This box contains many words that describe how a man should be: tough, hard, strong and courageous. If a man cannot act like the rules given by this box, he will be called pussy or faggot. Our society has so many expectations upon a man’s role whenever it comes to the masculinity and “man up” subjects. The man box makes men believe that they are dominant to women, creating something called a “Dominator Culture”. Talking about “Dominator Culture”, we cannot forget about the documentary by Jackson Katz, Tough Guise 2. This documentary has pointed out so many surprising facts about violent masculinity. As we watch the documentary, we will discover the fact all men have to conform to the norms that have given by the society: be tough,

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