The Box Man Analysis

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Velislava Borissov Dylan Winchock English 50 September 15, 2014 Solitude and Loneliness as Part of the Life What are solitude and loneliness? Are they something we choose or we caught up in it during some stage of our life? Perhaps solitude is one way to escape from reality, that whether we like or not it happens every day. Loneliness is radically different. Loneliness is a feeling that may come upon us at any time, and we must learn how to live with it .Loneliness is more deep and profound experience with which we may be faced . It clearly reveals our most radical need to love and to be loved. In the article, “The Box Man” by Barbara Lazear Ascher describes a part…show more content…
Ascher gives examples with the soup lady for the loneliness of how empty her life is.”By six p.m., It’s all over .What she will do with the rest of the night”. It does not matter that there are people around the soup lady; her heart and soul are empty. This is the loneliness from which it is difficult to escape, because it eats the little light that remains at the end of the tunnel. Some people seek emotional contacts, other are avoiding it. Maybe because of subconscious protection. The example for loneliness that Ascher gives is the cat lady. I do not agree that she is less lonely than the soup lady. I even think if she has something to care about, does not make her less lonely than the soup lady. She tries to forget that she is all alone and nobody cares. The empty loneliness is the hardest one. Some times can come like a hurricane. One day, a person can be loved and happy , next day, poor forgotten and all alone. Just like the author talks about in paragraph (14) about the soup lady , ” She does not wear a gold charm bracelet”, When she opens her black purse to pay, there is a only crumpled Kleenex and a wallet inside “ , “Her children, if there are any, live far away and prefer not to

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