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David Stubler Miss Blair Grapes Of Wrath Analysis paper The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, was about the struggle of life during the dust bowl and great depression. This book follows the Joad Family and their company. The family consist of Tom, Pa, Ma, Casey, Al, Rose of Sharon, Connie, Noah, Grandpa, and Grandma. Tom Joad Is the main character, his story starts off with him getting a ride from a truck driver when he gets out of jail. He has a slight temper and is not one to back down or be told what to do. Pa Joad was a sharecropper up to the point where the bank seized the land. Pa is a hard worker with traditional family values. Ma is one of the toughest people in this book, she rode in the back of the truck with grandma who passed…show more content…
In the beginning, their farm is in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. They have been farming there for generations. When they leave Sallisaw, they get on route 66 which takes them to California. Since its takes many days they have to stop and set up camp. A large portion of this book is spent on the highway. You see that many cars are abandoned because they break down, and no one has the money to fix them or the knowledge. So they have to hitch hike or walk to California. When they finally reach California, they have to stay in a hooverville. Hoovervilles are makeshift camps of starving people on the outskirts of town. In the hoovervilles you see that everything is dirty, people sleeping in battered tents, and the children are starving. Every now and then some businessmen come to the hoovervilles to get people to work for dirt cheap and fight over how low they would take to work. After they attempt to keep the man from going to work with the businessman, they are run out of their camp by the cops. After they leave the Hooverville, they head to the Government camp. Here is where they have running water, a shower, and a bathroom. This is the first time they have had this

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