Susan Glaspell's Trifles

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The play Trifles by Susan Glaspell is crucial in the indication of the dynamic conflict which brings tension in some serious situations which are trifling. In the play, a man has been killed by his wife. Men and women who get in the place of the scene see the action on different perspectives. What each set of the group sees the scene is limited to the gender. Women are seen to notice some things such as the preserved fruits, a bird cage that is empty and a sewing box which men had overlooked entirely. According to Gainor “Men in this regard are seen to consider the domestic position of women in the house as something that is worthless through offering clues concerning the crime” (Gainor). Women finally have pieced together the clues of the…show more content…
The attorney of the county has taken the charges of the investigation whereby he guides Mr. Hale and Sheriff in the recounting of their roles when discovering the crime. Mr. Hale has explained how he gets into the house to inquire from John Wright concerning the sharing of the phone, and he finds Mrs. Wright seated in a rocker. With the need to speak to her husband, a woman has just said that her husband is dead. “Mr. Hale starts the investigation concerning the death of Mr. Wright and finds that he has been hanged. Mr. Hale has attributed this to the poor housekeeping of Mrs. Wright, which irritates the women present in the seen. The attorney of the county then leads the men present upstairs so as to begin the investigations concerning the crime and the motive”…show more content…
Wright and how much it tortured her to hear the men searching over all her goods. In the process, Mrs. Wright’s pet have been seen by the women killed and hid it in the sewing box. It is noted that the eyes of all women have met, but no one speaks concerning the pet. In the next chapter, all men have left, and women have left with a great concern discussing the pains and losses in the past that Mrs. Wright had been going through. “Women are seen to share some sense of responsibility for the isolation that one of them has, and they suggest that they are criminally negligent to stay and allow her stay alone in jail. Some of them are observed keenly in their reaction and states that they are getting too upset of the dead pet in the sewing box” (Glaspell). The play gets to the end when the case has been summarized by the county attorney, who indicated that the case concerning the death of Mr. Wright is very clear but the motive behind the murder has not been identified. Sheriff also needs an attorney to identify the big questions and concerns that the women are having towards Mrs. Wright. Men leave the room to go and check the last details on the case, and the eyes of women have met again. They try to hide the dead bird in their bags that it does not fit but finally Mr. Hale hinds it in her pocket. When men came back, women have the last chance to tell them concerning the bird

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