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How a simple person can achieve and fight for peace in this world? Many people asked themselves this question, but many of them did not have the right answer of how they can achieve peace in this world. Well, Malala Yousafzai captured the attention of millions of people around the world because of her courage, sacrifice, and her love for peace. And also, she did not only fight for peace, and for her rights against the Taliban, she also made sure to stand up for women’s right in education in Pakistan. Malala Yousafzai is only a fourteen year old teenager girl from Pakistan who was threatened and shot in the head by a gunman when she is on her way to school. Malala was threatened by the Taliban because she started to write and speak out about…show more content…
They are also encouraging a lot families to prevent their daughters from going to school. Davies, Sara E., Nwokora, Zim, and Stamnes, Eli (2013) in explaining their book “Responsibility to Protect and Women, Peace and Security: Aligning the Protection Agendas” (p.14) that challenging the society by making the women noticeable and visible, and letting them have their full rights in Pakistan. Therefore, Malala is an inspiring and motivating young woman, and also, she is extraordinarily and amazingly brave, and she has stood up for what she believes in a way that many people never could. But there is a lot of people questioning is why Malala’s inspiring us? And from where she got the courage to raise her voice?. Here is the answer to those two questions Malala has won fame for fighting for peace, women's equal rights and education for women; she also got her courage from her father who was always a big supporter for her. Therefore, Most of the people in her country thought that she did all this for fame, and they dislike the idea that a girl can seek for equal rights in public. The problem is that they think that men are stronger physically, but they are wrong because women think more than men in certain situations. In general, women have the right to be treated equally like

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