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I Am Malala In the book “I Am Malala” The girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai it is about a young girl who wanted to continue her education but a group of people didn’t want girls to go to school. She stood up for what she believed in and ended up getting shot by the Taliban. The Taliban is a group on people (similar to terrorist) who went to their village and started to put rules that everyone had to follow if people didn’t follow them something major would happen like for example and earthquake was known to be cause because the people from the village weren’t following the rules. What benefits does education have that can be beneficial? Can education cure al problems? According to Malala in I Am Malala, she says “my father believed the lack of education was the reason of Pakistanis problems.” In other words her dad believed that all the problems that their country was having were because they didn’t have much education. I do agree with Malala's father because problems can be solved with knowing something about what ever…show more content…
How does education make life better good/different? Having an education can make a huge different in someone’s life. I do agree with Malala because it doesn’t have to be a specific person it can be anyone it can be a pencil, one word someone says, a book someone wrote that can be have a lot of meaning and understanding that many will understand. Something that education can’t do is stop people from becoming better in their education. For example like Math, English, and Vocabulary anything. For me English is not my strongest subject, but all the essays, books, and test are not stopping me from trying. I have learned a lot because I study, not only that but my teacher has pushed me and helped me understand better the

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