A Short Summary Essay: Sustainable Agriculture: Favor The Earth

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Sustainable Agriculture: Favor the Earth The tale of agriculture is usually told as an epic fight between human and nature. Thousands years into this narrative, it seems to some of people that human have upper hand in this struggle. Finally, food production is keeping up well with population growth. After World War II, agriculture has changed dramatically. Food productivity rose due to innovative technologies, mechanization, high chemical use, specialization and those policies that favored maximizing production. First of all, these changes was not in favor of the farmers due to reduced labors to produce enough food required by the government for instance, US. Also, some say that this productivity is not that safe, and we have already paid too high cost. Industrial agriculture is depositing waste to ecosystem. As a result, our soil, water, forests, and wildlife have been poisoned. Furthermore, life style of traditional farming communities has been damaged seriously. The answer to these issues is sustainable agriculture, which combines three primary goals—environmental health, economic growth, and social and economic justice. Sustainable agriculture means that needs of the present must be met without harming the ability of future generations to produce enough food…show more content…
Due to industrial agriculture and government policies, the traditional farmers are declining, and labors life condition are generally far below average in most of the industrial countries around the world for example, living condition of farming workers in California is so much below average condition. They cannot compete with the industrial farmers, and they barely can cover their family expenses. We have the same issue in India and other big agricultural countries around the globe. Researches, policies and program most work toward addressing this issue and we should start working toward socially equal or just and safe employment that offers acceptable wages, working conditions,

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