Major Hazards In Construction

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Task 4(a) The major hazards involved in construction process The construction industry accident fatality rate stands at more than double that of the all sector average – more minor accidents are almost incalculably more. Put simply, construction sites are a health and safety nightmare – almost every conceivable hazard exists within this constantly changing working environment. Listed below are just a few of the main hazards that are encountered on a typical construction site: Working at Height The construction of buildings – or indeed, demolition works – frequently requires tradesmen to work at height. Fatalities and injuries involving height relating factors account for many accidents each year. The risks associated with working at a height…show more content…
Construction sites can get quite hectic what with the shear volume of constantly moving vehicles and trades people – overhead lifting equipment shifting heavy loads, supply vehicles, dumper trucks everywhere, manoeuvring around a usually uneven terrain. Slips, Trips, & Falls When considering the diverse range of activities going on at a construction site at any one time it seems hardly surprising slips, trips, and falls happen on an almost daily basis. Construction sites are a mish mash of holes in the ground, buildings at various stages of completion, scaffolding, stored materials and equipment: everyone in construction sites really does need eyes in the back of your head at times. Noise Noise is a major hazard within the construction industry. Repetitive, excessive noise causes long term hearing problems and can be a dangerous distraction, the cause of accidents. Beware, using simple ear plugs does not necessarily offer total protection against hearing damage – employers are required to carry out and document a comprehensive noise risk assessment – and issue appropriate…show more content…
Where lifting equipment is used, then adequate training must also be carried out, but may involve some form of test, to confirm competency. Records of training must be maintained for verification. Collapse Not exactly a hazard, more a risk – an accident in waiting. Every year excavations and trenches collapse, bury and seriously injure people working in them – precautions need to be planned before the work starts. The risk of an unintended collapse is generally more associated with demolition works or when a partially completed building or scaffolding collapses, but still accounts for a percentage of fatalities each year. Asbestos Today there is a new generation of construction workers, including; joiners, electricians and plumbers for whom asbestos is seen as a historical problem, something from the past that’s now long gone. There are an estimated 500,000 public buildings in the UK that contain harmful asbestos materials: often hidden away, forgotten, and by and large, harmless – in its undisturbed state. Workers need to know where it is and what to do if they come across suspicious materials that might contain

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