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In our opinion, in Malaysia, it has been estimated that at least 3.5 million people live on flood plains and are vulnerable to flood of varying probabilities. Furthermore, this figure is still increasing as rural-urban migration, land pressures, poverty and other structural forces are anticipated to exacerbate flood plain encroachment. Flood plains are also regions where a significant proportion of the country’s population and much of the economic activity are concentrated. As a result, in recent decades, “flood risk”, defined as the probability and other physical characteristics of floods, has been increasing alarmingly in many parts of the country. As flood risk is essentially a product of flood hazard and vulnerability. So, there is no risk…show more content…
Malaysian are historically a riverine people as early settlements grew on the banks of the major rivers in the country. Coupled with natural factors such as heavy monsoon rainfall, intense convection rain storms, poor drainage and other local factors, floods have become a common feature in the lives of a significant number of Malaysians. Yet most of the causes are due to businesses are not fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and they are against the Kant’s Categorical Imperative which they use people and environment as a means to their end. The reason we mentioned this is the rapidly construction of urban area without a proper plan for drainage system and logging activities lead to the occurrence of flood in Malaysia. Those developer are pursuing the profit without the concern of the consequences. Because once the housing, the urban site is done and been sold to the people, they have not the obligation to them for the sake of natural disaster. Floods in East Coast Malaysia in late 2014 were damaged the ecosystem in several state such as Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang. The occurrence of flooding in those places might be happened due to unethical business practices uncontrollable logging activities. Based on the article, the most critical

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