Maggie: A Girl Of The Streets

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Stephen Crane, in his novel Maggie: A Girl of the Streets clearly states the way he thinks about poverty at least in his time of living which actually relates to William Hogarth an artist that interpret his ideas of poverty very well this makes them converge in similar themes that they use across their lives. Many people such as Alice Hall argue that Crane actually used some of Hogarth’s paintings (Gin Lane in particular) to inspire his story novel Maggie: A Girl of the Streets As stated previously some people argue that Crane used Hogarth’s painting to be able to create or inspire his story Maggie, more specifically Hogarth’s “Gin Lane”. Many things are comparable between this two such as “The mental or physical degeneration of the parents and in particular the mother”- Alice Hall. This can be demonstrated in Maggie as the horrible treatment…show more content…
In this picture we can observe the union office trying to “extinguish a fire” that can be interpreted by them trying to help the workers in their inhumane working conditions which at that time were really brutal. This can be found in Maggie as seen in the job that Maggie got (before becoming a hooker sadly) which showed that she worked at a workshop in which she sits all day long upon a stool over a sewing machine in a drab room with 20 other girls to make collars and cuffs just to return late at night to her devilish home. On another note, other comparison that can be made between the painting and the book is that in the painting it is shown a man playing the violin and many women gathered around him, charmed by his moves. Something similar also happens in the story, this is in the case of Maggie falsely falling in love with his brother’s friend that for her he is a real gentleman, but in reality he justs manages to ruin her life more than she could ever think of. This is a demostration of the similar form of
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