American Dream In Of Mice And Men And Maggie A Girl From The Streets

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The idea of the American Dream can vary from person to person but fundamentally each person wants to have good health, be wealthy and be prosperous. In Of Mice and Men and Maggie, a Girl from the Streets each person has a different understanding of the American Dream but they both know they want more substantial and finer lives than the ones they already have. For George and Lennie, their thought of the American Dream was to live on a ranch with many farm animals and no boss, but for Maggie it seemed as if any life out of her bad life was ideal. The theme of an American Dream incorporates love, ambition, society and Social Class. Thus, the want for true love and each characters ambition and the anchor that is the social class that they are a part of leads to each characters demise in the novels…show more content…
When at the bar with Pete we see how guileless Maggie is "He was extremely gracious and attentive. He displayed the consideration of a cultured gentleman who knew what was due"(Crane,29) When seeing how disrespectful, and poorly Pete treats the waiter, we begin to see how Maggie sees Pete as far to good for her, and herself as worthless and not good enough. Maggie goes on to rely on Pete and we start to see Maggie's demise, "Present she perceived only vague reasons to be Miserable. Her life was Pete's and she considered him worthy of charge. She would be sisturbed by no particular

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