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Realism is a wayof writing that reflects cultural and societal practices of the period at the time of writing the piece. Naturalism describes how literature tries to explain determinism. Gilman creates a first person account of her ailing mental illness. “The Yellow Wallpaper” “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a short story that was written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. This story is oppressive, and it uses a female as the main character. In our minds, this creates an image of a woman who suffers. Use of feminism in this situation explains how feminism reveals in the story. It also tries to show reality in the sense that women opinions and thoughts are of less importance in the society. Gilman is a victim of postpartum depression herself. Therefore,…show more content…
In typical situations, a woman tries to think faster than men do. In reality, this shows how character gives a thought on recovery. This opinion was a personal choice. Naturalism appears as the victim shows her efforts to get out of situation. Balancing work life and family are some of the things that made the woman in the story to feel nervous about the healing process. This is normal and real, as every woman gets worried when far from her family. Again, Perkins says that, as a woman (victim) her husband forbids her to move around. The room she is then acting as the bars hiding her from escaping. A duty of taking care of a baby is a pride of every mother. When denied the chance to do so, apparently, one feels offended. Naturalism gets in, as a woman has to defend against it. Gilman wrote this story using the first person narrative. This shows that she had an experience of the whole thing. This creates an image of the scenarios in the readers’ mind The mention of the newborn she is prohibited from seeing has a hidden meaning. It leads to the assumption she is suffering severely. Inabilities to meet her motherly expectations are also symbolic. This shows that a woman is addressed more of a child than an adult did. A Girl of the

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