The Pros And Cons Of Tourism Experiences

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Figure 3 illustrates tourism experience network where tourist (human being) in the middle and surrounded by many tourism experiences in which different stakeholders participate in creating these experiences. This network include, Internet, tour operators, suppliers of transport, guides, hoteliers, local entrepreneurs offering activities at the destination (passive sightseeing or active participation), events, museums, governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as technology (Binkhorst,2006). In Cyrene context, many fundamental parts of tourism experience network are not available or ineffective. For instance, there are no online booking systems for hotels in the region. Instead, visitors are forced to make their accommodation reservations…show more content…
According to Binkhorst (2006), searching and booking of tourism experiences add value to the end user, as he can compare prices and up to date information before booking and he can share the actual experience during and after travel. Likewise, this obliges companies to compete even more on service not on price (Binkhorst, 2006). A research by (Buhalis & Licata (2002) affirms that the internet provides companies the opportunity to Create a closer relationships between companies and customers (as cited in Binkhorst, 2006). In fact, “tourists are a source of knowledge for innovation and experience design” (Stangl, 2014, p.9). Therefore, activating online booking service at Cyrene would develop the tourist from regular customer to prosumer; in which individuals are proactive in searching for information before booking any accommodation, participating in dialogues with brands to choose from the available options, posting online views to communicate their ideas to the companies. Such unconventional potential customer is able to assist hotel and accommodation managers at Cyrene to fill in the weakness gaps in their frequent service standards. Therefore, tourism (as a service industry) has found out the impacts of information on tourists, as the excellent concepts of the modern tourism industry are “Experience” and “Value” (Sezgin,

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