Guest Loyalty Behaviour In Hospitality Industry

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Nowadays, the number of hospitality companies have gone international is increasing due to internal and external demands for international expansion. For example, as the hospitality company has go to international hospitality industry, it can protect their company from the risk and uncertainly domestic business cycle (Clarke, A., & Chen, W., 2007). When the company facing domestic economic turndown, the company still can keep their profitability through their global operation. Customer is playing a very important role in hospitality industry which the customer is one of the main source who provide the money to company (Reynolds, J., & Chase, D., 2014). In hospitality industry, a customer who purchase service and product is call as a guest…show more content…
Guest-employee interactions can be the most important component in service delivery system and the most challenging to manage (Ford, R., Sturman, M., & Heaton, C., 2011). In hospitality industry, interactions between guest and employee unavoidable and important. This is because hospitality industry as a service industry which is labour intensive and require significant source of employment (Mathur, P., & Kumar, D., 2013). The hospitality employee need to have the ability and to learn and adapt to change in different situation and try their best to resolve the problem they…show more content…
For instance, the loyalty guest be the referral of the brand by help the international hospitality company to advertise their brand through the word of moth (WOM). However, the relationship between satisfaction and loyalty is tenuous. As the satisfaction can be base of the quality of service, it can also base on the price of the service or product (Oliver, R. L., 1999). For example, although the guest had been loyal to a same hotel for a period of time, but if the guest is able to found another hotel which is provide the similar attributed with the previous hotel, the guest is also may change their loyalty to the new hotel. Thus, the hotel may develop innovative comfortable rooms and improve their service to keep their loyal guest as a return

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