Zie Energy Case Study

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Zie Energy is a retailing energy distribution company based in Melbourne. Its business has been growing fast for the past 15 years though strong customer connections and relationships. However there have been inconsistent data collection and processing systems within the company. As this has caused enormous amount of confusions for call centre staffs to manage inquiries about gas, electricity and solar bills. The company would also like to make more commitment to improve customer service experiences and after sale services. Due to the business growth and expansion, the company finds it getting difficult to manage the daily business operations. The company then decided to concentrate on the staff training and skill improvement to better serve…show more content…
It is a mutual agreement, considerations, capacities, and legal issues. In some cases, people can use the substitutes for the contracting agreement. Privacy laws: Zie Energy needs to ensure all the customers data and information should be maintained to be confidential. No staffs will be allowed to disclose any customer personal information to other companies for the personal reasons. To collect the information from the customers we also need to gain their approval and confirmation. Softwares used in customer services TeamSupport: it helps the company to provide excellent customer services. It runs as a B2B structures with the organisational external customers. Its main features are to simplify the interactions and communications between staffs, management and customers. Helprace: it is online software built to integrate all the internal and internal customers within the company. It is a cloud based web system, making it easier to add and store customer record data and details. How will you modify or enhance the customer service - apply customers research and analyse their…show more content…
- Offer staffs with the workplace trainings in order to meet customer service standards - Create a smooth team work environment - Empower staffs to take appropriate actions to resolve customer issues. - Make sure that all advertisements reflect the truth about the products and services - Update staffs with product and service knowledge so that they can better serve customers - Offer customers with different services with different pricing and explain to the different service levels Steps involved in increasing productivity of staff / employees i. Develop financial motivation schemes offered to all staffs so that they all benefit from the programs. ii. Offer staffs with regular and constructive feedback and comments about their job performance. iii. Treat all the staffs equally and also as the individuals iv. All levels of the internal customers including the managers to receive the customer service training

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