Love The Way You Lie Analysis

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Eminem is also known for expressing his opinions freely and courageously to the world. He has shown his fans that it is acceptable to express your opinions. Proof for that is the way he occasionally enhanced his lyrics by adding some lyrics that express his opinion, which caused some people to feel animosity towards him. That did not bother him at all as he has said in previous interviews. Such as when he was accused of being homophobic because of the lyrics to “Rap God”, he did not apologize for it. Since these things were not a big deal back in the day when he wrote this song and he has said that when he writes his lyrics, they are his opinions and ideas that just flow in it and he is not sorry for thinking the way he does. Even though many people found it offensive, they just couldn’t respect his opinion. The biggest and most daring thing he did was when he released his song, “Love The Way You Lie,” ft. Rihanna where he admitted to hitting his ex wife, Kim Mathers. It took a lot of bravery to do that and he did include that he was indeed “ashamed,” but some people didn’t take it as a sign of inspiration, instead they protested, called him names and kept loathing him for a mistake he did. Eminem ignored it and didn’t give them attention because doubters seek attention, which shows that fans can learn a lot from him.

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