Who Is Boo Radley's Death In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Tom Robinson and Scout are both mockingbirds in TKM, because they are kind, gentle, loving, and have the very best intentions, and opinions about everyone. There is one final mockingbird in the novel, and that is Boo Radley, the mysterious man who lives next door. Although Boo sticks to himself, he cannot avoid the hurt society sends to him. Boo loves children, and leaves little goodies and items in the knot hole of an oak in front of his house for them, specifically the Finches. “The following week, the knot- hole yielded a tarnished medal,” (81) for their enjoyment. It is quite kind of Boo to surprise them, and he finds pleasure, in seeing Jem and Scouts faces light up with amusement. Although money is scarce, Boo still decides to give them…show more content…
When Boo was young, he was confined to the house, because he pulled a silly prank with some other boys, and then later stabbed his father’s leg with scissors. After that, he was not allowed outside, and he grew to up be more comfortable inside the house, then outside where people laughed and mocked him. Another instance where Boo Radley shows the Finches kindness, is when Jem loses his pants in the Radley yard, and is scared to go back for them. “ When I went back, they were folded across the fence... like they was expecting me. They’d been all sewed up.” (78) Jem is quite confused, because when he went back, his pants are waiting for him. Boo is the one who folded, and mended his pants for him, which is quite kind, considering Jem caused quite a commotion for his brother, Nathan Radley. Although Boo is not an accomplished, nor experienced sewer, he tries his best to mend the pants, which is quite kind of him. He drapped the pants over the fence, as to save Jem from the wrath of Nathan, and so that he wouldn’t be away from home so long that Atticus would notice. Boo Radley also saves Jem and Scout from Mr. Ewell, the night of the Halloween
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