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'Henrikson 1 Kathryn Henrikson Mrs. Woodard Honors Calculus 13 October 2015 Flatland Synopsis Although the world of Flatland may appear to be a completely fantastical and imagined place, a second look reveals that it readily applies to our lives and world. The narrator of this book is a Square living in a two-dimensional place called Flatland. He describes the members of society which consist of women who are lines, the working class and soldiers who are isosceles triangles, the merchant class who are equilateral triangles, lawyers who are squares, doctors who are pentagons, and the nobility who are circles. As an individual's number of sides increases, so does their rank in society. Sharp angles can harm or kill another citizen, so women…show more content…
This can be related to humankind's past segregation due to race. Since people of African descent were considered to be inferior, they were required to use separate entrances, facilities, and other things. In Flatland, a code is put in place to control women. This code can be summarized into three specific laws. The first law states the requirement that women use the entrance on the eastern side of the house, while the western side is reserved for men. The second law declares that women are forbidden from walking in any public place without maintaining their "Peace-cry," which is used to warn nearby citizens of their presence. Under the third law, females who are suffering from any illness or condition that causes them to move…show more content…
In this world, everything is only in one dimension and on one line. The king controls his people through sound. When Square tries to explain the second dimension to him, he reacts violently and cannot comprehend. Later, Square travels to Pointland where no dimensions exist. The king here is the only being in the world and believes the whole universe is only himself and refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of Square. After Square is visited by a Sphere and taken to Spaceland, which is three-dimensional like our world, the Sphere is eventually able to convince Square that a third dimension exists. Square then realizes that an infinite number of dimensions must exist. When he tries to explain this to Sphere, he doesn't grasp the concept because he is only familiar with three dimensions. Square is instructed to spread the news of a third dimension in Flatland, but is not able to achieve success. When the Sphere appears in Flatland, it is dismissed as a trick and individuals who are not of nobility and witnessed the event are imprisoned or destroyed. Square is imprisoned for his discussion of a third dimension. He is able to communicate with his brother, who has also been imprisoned, once a week and attempts

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