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In the films Memoirs of a Geisha and Gran Torino, Thao and Chiyo both have differences and common things. These two characters are Asians, however, one is Hmong and the other is Japanese with very distinct traditions. Chiyo was born in the countryside of Japan. Her parent sold her to a geisha home because they could not afford to raise her and her sister, Satsu. Sadly, both of them got separated into two different geisha home. It would be difficult for Chiyo to survive if she does not become one. Thao, on the other hand, lived in Detroit. Their neighborhood consists of many gang members; one of them ending up to be his cousin. Thao has always talked about, behind his back. Many elders say that he’s not a real man because he wash the dishes and do the garden. In the geisha house Chiyo is in, there is this beautiful geisha named Hatsumomo. Although she may catch the eyes of many men; her actions and emotions are cruel. She playfully urges Chiyo to draw on one of the priceless kimono she had stolen from this other geisha, Mameha, who is older and kinder than Hatsumomo. The next day Chiyo was cruelly punished by the mother of the house because of the horribly expensive kimono. Chiyo also wanted to find her sister, Satsu, and escape from this geisha land together. Even though Chiyo could not do anything except to…show more content…
That was where she was to become a new person because Chiyo Sakamoto, her old self, is gone. She became more respectful despite Hatsumomo, who wanted to ruin her career and success in front of the clients. Although, Sayuri had changed, her personality had matured. She gained more insights and strategies as a geisha because of their clever and witty words. Thao had improved greatly as well. He gained more confident in himself as his time with Walt extended. He even defended himself from his cousin although it didn’t end well, but he stood up for himself because of Walt’s

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