How Did Thomas Anderson Become Neo

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Who and what is the person called Thomas Anderson (Warning Spoilers!) In this essay I will be taking a look at whether Thomas Anderson and Neo are the same person and if Thomas Anderson exercised free will in becoming Neo. In my view point I think that Thomas Anderson didn’t exercise free will in becoming neo and Thomas Anderson and neo aren’t the same person. In this essay I will talk from the psychological viewpoint and the deterministic view point. In the Matrix Thomas Anderson and neo aren’t the same person and Thomas Anderson had no choice in whether he became neo or stay as Thomas Anderson. The problem with person identity is that many people cannot define what makes them human, furthermore many people cannot define what a human is. A common definition is an intelligent, conscience mammal. But that can include other mammals than homosapiens. On very intelligent mammal is the orca whale. It has a very large brain with a lot of wrinkles. If using…show more content…
The prophet told Thomas Anderson that either he is going to die or Morpheus is going to die. At the end of the movie Morpheus is still alive, however you might say so is Thomas Anderson!! You would be wrong however because that it Neo not Thomas Anderson and the prediction actually came true in the end. Cypher is a good example of what happens to someone when they can’t be defined as a person because they believe that reality is the matrix. Cypher never really believed that the outside world was true. He would recall the day that Morpheus gave him the choice to choose either the blue pill or the red pill. He wished that he could choose the other pill even though he knew it was a lie because that’s what he wanted to believe in. He wanted to believe in the fantasy world of the matrix. Because of this lack of person hood Cypher ended up turning the rebellion into the machines. Where he ultimately got

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