Insanity In The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe

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People for decades have been wondering what drives the human mind to insanity. In a way, everyone is a little insane. As human beings, we have the desire to achieve success and happiness in life, but when our goal is achieved, we experience only little satisfaction until the desire to want more sets in again. One of Poe’s works,“The Black Cat”, tells of a narrator who is on death row. When he is writing from his jail cell, he is telling his side of the story of how his life had turned for the worse. As the narrator continues his shocking tale, he reveals some disturbing events that he had taken part in. It is evident that the narrator was clearly insane due to his psychotic actions with the killing of his cat, the brutal slaughter of his wife,…show more content…
Although he loved each and every one of these animals, his black cat, Pluto, had always held a special place in his heart. Early on the narrator admired this large and beautiful creature until a sudden change had occurred causing the narrator to grow moody day by day. As time went on it was not just the narrator’s personality changing for the worst but also his actions of mistreating his wife both physically and emotionally. Soon even his precious pets felt the raft of his disease, also known as alcoholism, until one day he started to mistreat them too. He restrained himself from abusing Pluto, but after one long night of returning home intoxicated he committed a crime like no human in the right mindset would ever even think of doing. The text…show more content…
The story continues with yet another cat who suddenly appears without any warning. Strangely this cat was black like Pluto who had white upon its breast. However it could not have been Pluto because, as described in the story, Pluto did not have a single white hair on his body. The days had continued on and the cat had shown affection and love for the narrator who returned his gestures with a couple pets here and there. Soon the cat had become a favorite of the narrator and his wife, until the feeling of dislike for the cat had arisen once again. These feelings had soon grown into hatred until one day he snapped. The narrator describes

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