Kelley's A Visit To Grandmother

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You always need to make life valuable no matter how it is and learn from the experience from it for the future to help you. Living with parents is a good thing because they teach you many things about life. Spend time in a good way because you're never going to know when it's going to be your time. In the following paragraphs I just want for people to know how life changes for some people. The title of the story is “A visit to Grandmother” the author who wrote the story is William Melvin Kelley. The kind of genre is drama. This story is similar to the other two stories because they all involve changes to life. The main character, Charles leaves home. Charles leaves home because he wanted to get a better education and his mother wasn't treating him equally as his brother.” I wanted to go to school. They didn't have a negro high school at home, so I went to Knoxville and lived with a cousin and went to school”(183).”If GL and I did something wrong, you'd beat me up first and be too late for GL”(189). These both quotes the main character is showing how he decides to move on with his life by going to school to become a Doctor and the last quote he confronts his mother by telling her how he feels.…show more content…
I think Tessie Hutchinson who is the main character of this story wasn't her day. Tessie is the main character of the story cause at the end of the story they killed her. Why because she won the lottery. Many people gang up on her.”It's Tessie,” Mr.Summers said, and his voice was hushed”(33).” It isn't fair, it isn't right,” Mrs. Hutchinson screamed and then they were upon her.”(34). Her life changed when she didn't

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