Traditions In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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Traditions change throughout time and people’s life change in the way that traditions impact their lives. This happened to me growing as a kid on Christmas Eve to be able to our presents early but as I got older I really didn’t care as much so i would just go to sleep. Now that I see my younger nieces and nephews and seeing how excited they get makes me see why it all along was a tradition and not just a kid thing. I will try to keep this tradition going as I get older and have a family of my own but I know that my future kids will want to change and try to do different things to make our own traditions. In the poem “Without Title” , the father used to hunt the buffalo his family ate but ever since he started working at the packing house, he had stopped hunting and just bringing it home from there. He says he misses the tradition but does not only he miss it but his son does too because in the poem the son talks about how his dad’s snores remind him of the buffalo’s roar. “It’s hard you know without the buffalo” (39), this quote shows how it’s hard for both of them to forget about their traditions even though he only saw his dad doing them. On the other hand the wife doesn’t really care for the old tradition, she likes the new traditions.…show more content…
“I tell you it wasn’t fair” (33), I chose this quote because it reflects how it was slowing but surely becoming a dark thing to play. Tessie said that because she knew what she was doing was wrong and she wanted out. It was just a little too late because it turned that she had won the lottery , so that meant it was her turn to get killed by the other
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