Characters 'Change In The Lottery'

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I remember when I was in church school, i felt misplaced. I didn’t know anyone there. I tried to be someone I wasn’t by liking the same interests as all the other kids. Being in that class changed my interests and how i acted inside the classroom and out. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t want to pretend anymore, so I dropped the act and was myself. My peers in my class were the reason why I changed. Many people change for different reasons. In these stories, the characters change because of their social surroundings. In the story “Without Title”, the mom had changed because they moved out into the city and she was in a different society. She had forgotten about the past and where she came from. The dad would always bring home his horns and hides but the mom said “get rid of them”. Which shows that the mom has moved on and doesn’t care about the tradition they would have. This story reminds me when I was little, my family would always have dinner together. Now that we are all grown up, we don’t really spend time as a family anymore.…show more content…
Back then, the people wouldn’t be as cruel as they are now. Now that they changed the tradition of the lottery, whoever gets called on will get killed by the villagers throwing stones. During the story, Old Man Warner said, “It's not how it used to be” and “People ain’t the way they used to be”, which shows how bad the tradition of the lottery changed how the villagers act. This story reminds me how some classes would do raffles and how the kids would say it's not fair when they would lose. This reminds me of that because Mrs. Hutchinson would keep saying it wasn’t
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