Analyzing The Story 'The Lottery'

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In the story “A visit to grandmother”, “The lottery”,and “without title”.They all have one thing in common.When people life are complicated there lifestyle change because their changing how they lived and how they're going to act around others.All of these three story have different situation, and different characters.I am going to explain how each story life changes and how complicated it going for them. The story “A visit to grandmother”Her son Charles believe that his mother doesn’t love him. Charles went to a college reunion for a week(183).After the reunion was over Charles suggest to visit chig grandmother .When Charles got there they all having a good time until GL came.Charles decide to tell his mom why he left to knoxvillle when he was fifteen. Charles told his mom,”I cried when i left here.Nobody loved me,mama.i cried all the way up knoxvillle. That was they last i ever cried in my life”(189).Charles Mother told him ,”What i don't i understand? i understood then;i understand Now”(189).Charles said that she paid more attention to his brother Gl than she did to him.Every time when Charles and gl got in trouble when they were small ,Charles would always get spank and then her mother would spank gl because she was already tired from hitting Charles.When Charles mother tried to apologize he said that is she was 30 years late.…show more content…
The first people who arrived at the lottery where the children ,they were all carrying smooth rocks then came the then men ,women and the menfolks. The tradition of this lottery is ,if you win the lottery that you will get stoned to death.How they pick choose a person is very interesting because they give them all a piece of paper and who ever has a black dot on their paper get stoned to
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