Namelessness In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Upon reading each of the five short stories ( i.e The Yellow Wallpaper, A Good Man is Hard To Find, The Lottery, Suffer the Little Children, and The Use of Force) we can see how all of the authors, without using the same scenarios, did however manage to use the same themes. Each author has been credited for their maniacal and gruesome outcomes of their tale. With rather distinctive qualities and different perspectives each story shows the theme of helplessness. By this I mean, each story conveys a situation in which the victim of the story is “trapped” or “defenseless” in a horrible situation regardless of the point of view. In our first story, The Yellow Wallpaper, we see life from the eyes of a young woman; Depressed, melachonic, nameless,…show more content…
The grandmother, as we know her, tries to press her request on the family stating “You ught to take them somewhere else for a change so they would see different part of the world and be broad”(A Good Man Is Hard To Find, Flannery O’connor) and telling the patriarch about a criminal known as, The Misfit , who’s on the loose in Georgia to further convince them. They disregard her and still embark on their ways. After a trip to a southern diner, the grandmother begins to reminisce about “an old plantation” in which she grew up. Intriguing the children, who in return annoys the father , the grandmother directs the family to the old plantation. While driving, Pitty Sing the family cat, whom the grandmother stowed away in a suitcase in fear of him suffocating if left at home alone , jumps on Bailey, the father causing him to crash . Exactly right before the crash, however, the grandmother has an epiphany, the house she was mentioning was in Tennessee and not Georgia “The grandmother was curled up under the dashboard , hoping she was injured so that Baileys wrath would not come all….” (A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Flannery O’Connor). While in the woods alone proceeding the car accident ,the family notices three men getting out of the car seemingly trying to aid them. When the grandmother identifies one of the individuals as “The Misfit” this only…show more content…
This story is told in a first-person point of view, this time being from the point of view of the doctor. After a sickness overcomes her , the family has no choice but to call a family physician. When he arrives he asks the family does the girl feel any throat pain, which could be the cause of a deadly disease, diptheria. Unresponsive, the girl then undergoes an inspection “Does the throat hurt? added the mother to the child. But the little girl’s expression didn’t change nor did she move her eyes from my face”..(The Use of Force, William Williams) . In an attempt to open her mouth, she resists causing the doctor to break her jaw, bleed extremely , and insists her parents hold her down (trap her) from escaping his grasp because past situations in this case (diptheria) lead to death. Following the brutal inspection, the doctor uncovers that the girl actually did have the

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