The Rest Of Us: The Fear In Poverty

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The Rich and the Rest of Us: The Fear in Poverty Fear is an emotion, experienced by impoverished individuals, that affects their ability to surpass their circumstances. In this world, poverty has been a hidden issue that many do not want to come out and deal with. Also, those in poverty experience fear, causing them to have a lack of motivation. The contributions to poverty can be a list full, but fear is a major factor that kills the motivation for those in need. Fear is implanted in individuals by higher institutions, which prevents them from outgrowing poverty. These higher institutions are simply knocking down those in poverty, trapping them and giving them no way out. The actions that these higher institutions make have no consideration to those who get impacted by the actions, causing lack of motivation and fear…show more content…
In the book The Rich and the Rest of Us, Smiley and West illustrate that fear contributes to poverty. Moreover, fear is an emotion experienced by impoverished individuals that affects their ability to surpass their circumstances, which works to sustain poverty. Higher institutions, such as those who pay you, instill fear in impoverished individuals, causing them to obey them, which influences their ability to surpass poverty. If an institution, company, or business pays you to work for them, you give them the power to control you and may even give them the power to throw you into poverty without warning. As a result, those individuals in poverty take heavy hits in the long run, simply by how they feel being in poverty. Being in poverty gives them fear by worrying them that their basic needs will not be satisfied, causing them to be less confident, which also leads to a decrease in their performances. Not only does this affect adults, but children as well. This can cause several personal issues such as underestimating their own intelligence, and that can lead to poor academic performance. As mentioned in the book The Rich and

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