Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Tyrus Jenkins Mr.Trinter English III 6/11/15 Flies Buzz essay The theme of lord of the flies, is humans are born with a natural evil within them, giving us the capacity to destroy civilization. Golding shows the inherently evil, through the deaths of characters, and death in the boys humanitie, causing them to complete destroy their civilization. In the early parts of the book, the boys all start off well civilized;however, as the book goes on Jacks Innocences is killed along with the killing of the pig. In the beginning Jack struggled with the sight of blood, and could not bring himself to cut the pig's throat,”Jack drew his knife again with a flourish. He raised…show more content…
So the boys are acting like savages and like the Beast. So when the boys saw Simon they thought he was the beast and beat him and killed him. Simons was bring back good news to group of boys that their was no beast and they killed him.This all do to the fact that the boys had been acting like animals before they attack Simon. Jack's gang “bit and tore”(Golding 136) , showing their evil. The boys didn't call out to Simon, just bit him and tore him apart like animals. If the boys were using the conch maybe they would been able to act more human like and see that It was Simon. However, did not allow the conch to be used, so the boy inherent evil was able to really show. The importance this all that by the boys not using the conch, their inherent evil killed an human. The death of Piggy and the conch, represent the death of last civilization on the island. The conch represented law and order and when they were destroyed so was the law and order. Piggy and the conch were examples of the Boys inherent evil destroying civilization. Piggy like Simon was trying to help the boys by trying to keep them civilized,and they killed him. “Piggy shouted...which is better-to have rules and agree or to hunt and kill”(Golding 162). The fact that Piggy is (shouting) at the boys, shows how this is the only way to communicate with the “savages”(Golding 162). Golding use this word to show the tone of frustration in
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