Savagery In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Civil and savages Can one person change someones whole look on life no matter what there beliefs are? William Golding describes how little boys change to their new society. The person who brings them all together is Ralph. He is very civil and that’s why he is chosen to be chief. But all the other boys do not know how to react to not having adults. So they turn into savages. This affects Ralph by being around them everyday. Ralph is a symbol of civility and he is evolved into savagery by the society the group of boys create. All the boys are brought together by Ralph blowing the conch. He was introduced to a boy by the name of Jack. Golding shows that Jack is arrogant…show more content…
To do so he had an idea to make a fire on top of the mountain so ships will see it and stop. Well, he happens to see smoke coming from the ocean and it’s a boat. But Ralph could not see the signal on the mountain so he has to sprint up the mountain. When he arrives the fire is out and Jack, who was supposed to be watching the fire, was gone. Jack arrives with a pig and all the hunters. Golding shows that ralph is civil while jack is changing when ralph says "You let the fire go out" (69). Jack was too happy, to understand the severity of the…show more content…
That was Ralph's decorum wanting to get out and be apart of his old society. Jack and all the savages did not care about the fire. Golding states that "Ralph tried indignantly to remember. There was something good about a fire"(163). Ralph did not even know why he was trying so hard for the fire. Later on, into chapter 11, the savages stole Piggy’s glasses which made the fire. Ralph and piggy go into the savages territory to get the glasses back. Ralph left piggy by himself when Ralph was supposed to take care of him. Since piggy couldn't see. Well Ralph left Piggy to fight Jack. Piggy tries to yell for him and remind him of what they came for. It was no use. Jack and Ralph fought and not paying attention to what was happening. "The rock struck piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee...the body of piggy was gone"(181). Ralph was so worried about Jack he was all savage himself. His civility was not there to just get what he came for and saved

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