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Three Branches of Government Before the Constitution was written the thirteen colonies were under the Articles of Confederation which was one of the Nation’s biggest fails. The new basis form of the Unites States government was the Articles of Confederation. Under this document United States had a weak central government, had no right to tax the states and it was not until Shay’s Rebellion brought up all of The Articles of Confederation flaws. The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia met over the idea of a strong central government. The US Constitution is ratified and it’s United States new form of government. The US Constitution created the three branches of government. The Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branch. United States separation of powers associate to the system of check and balances. Guarantee that no part of government became too powerful.…show more content…
As stated in Article I of the Constitution. The division of both houses function to balance power between small and larger states. The House of Representatives represents the states by population. On the other hand the Senate only has two representatives per state in which states are equality represented. The legislative branch is the only branch that can modify laws or create them. Clause 18 of Article I gives Congress ‘power to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper and also carry out enumerated powers.’ In fact known as the ‘necessary and proper’ clause or elastic clause. Article I, section 8 states the powers of the legislative branch. Some of those powers are to regulate commerce within states and foreign nations, the power to tax, borrow money, rules for naturalization for citizenship, raise and maintain an army and navy, establish a post office and declare

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