Long-Term Effects Of Bullying And Cyberbullying

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Even though it is an awful thing that affects not only adolescents but older adults, bullying still continues all over the world. Adults and teens are also victims of bullying, however, children take it more seriously and have a greater chance of being negatively effected by it. Those who bully others feel as if they have a certain power and they use their negative energy to bring others down. There are different types of bullying, such as verbal, physical, or cyberbullying, but each can have long-term effects on those being bullied. It can effect people in different ways and some may not take it as seriously as others might. Many people never outgrow the pain of their past and it can put them at risk for depression, anxiety, or suicide.…show more content…
Bullies can come from families of abuse or mistreatment and this is what causes them to act in similar ways. They might feel insecure or have low self-respect and feel as if they aren’t doing anything wrong by hurting others. However, this is no excuse for the pain bullies cause on innocent children. People who are nothing but cowards would put this pain and anxiety on others. Bullies love this feeling of false power over others and they use their power to attack people based on their looks, attitudes, beliefs, or personalities. This can lead victims feeling insecure and vulnerable, even many years after they have been bullied. A bully sometimes doesn’t know better and doesn’t realize how much they terrorize the other person involved. Bullies know their intention but they are unaware of how wrong their actions can be. The same cannot be said for bullies who know their actions are wrong. When they are aware of the physical damage that they are causing to someone else, then there is no excuse. Bullies who are mentally aware of the corruption they are causing to these young kids are the ones who need to be penalized. If a person is cyberbullying or verbally bullying another and they don’t realize how it is emotionally hurting the other person, they have more leeway. However, physical bullying has absolutely no

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