What Is Anna Fitzgerald's Savior?

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Nick Cassavetes has created an immediate attention grabber, as well as a tear-jerker film. 11 year old Anna Fitzgerald, would become a savior for her 16 year old dying sister Kate. Abigail Breslin playing the role as Anna Fitzgerald has undergone many surgeries, bone marrow transplants, as well as blood transfusions to help save her sister’s life who has been diagnosed with leukemia. Kate had only been given a life expectancy up until the age of 5, but had lived beyond that all thanks to her sister Anna. Kate had then found out that she had gone in to renal failure and would be needing a kidney transplant, when their parents had turned to her sister Anna. Anna has had enough of all the medical attention she’s needed to have to help save her…show more content…
She decides to find an attorney, Campbell Alexander to help her with the emancipation. Anna brings in her savings account to Alexander in hopes that he can help. Even though her savings isn’t enough for what an attorney costs, he listens to her story and accepts the case. This causes a family dispute between their parents, and also her brother Jesse. Sara, Anna and Kates mother is disappointed, when she receives notice of court proceedings, because she's doing everything to keep her daughter Kate, from dying. Not only is their mother Sara upset, so is their father Brian. Even though Brian is upset, he understands Anna’s point as well. She's a teenager, and would like to live her life doing the things she loves, cheerleading, soccer, and hanging out with friends. Throughout many hospital visits Kate meets a cancer patient named Taylor who becomes her boyfriend. He is her side support throughout her treatments at the hospital. The hospital then puts on a prom for the cancer patients, and Taylor asks Kate to be his date. Kate gets all beautiful, and Taylor comes and picks her up to take her to the hospital prom; there they had a great time at the prom together, and then Taylor stops returning her calls. Days later Kate learns that Taylor has died. This has struck Kate tremendously and she tries to overdose when her savior sister Anna stops…show more content…
So their father Brian and the siblings take Kate to the beach. When he brings Kate home, and to get the rest of her siblings, Sara overreacts and demands for Brian to take Kate back to the hospital. Brian fights back with threatening Sara with divorce if she does not join the family. Awhile later Sara shows up to have one more family day. The court day has come and the family shows up to the hearing. During the hearing Anna is on the stand when her brother Jesse revels that Anna has been living under the orders of Kate. Kate doesn’t want to live like this any longer, so she talks Anna into refusing against her parents to donate her kidney to save her sisters life. Sara, attempts to argue against her son Jesse, but is shut out by Jesse, Brian, and Anna that Kate has been trying to tell her this all along, but she was too narrow minded. Before the case ends, over a length of time, Kate has become even sicker and has past away. The case finally comes to and end and Anna has won to have rights to her own

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