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Depressed Teenagers When I did my research, I found out that depression is a big-time illness among the American teenagers. It afflicts both sexes, though not equally. According to U.S. News and World Report, “Every year up to five thousand young people kill themselves.” It also notes, “Boys kill themselves six times more than girls do.” There’s no doubt in my mind that today’s generation is the more troubled one. What is really going on? I strongly believe that the problem that those teenagers are facing comes directly from what they are exposed to and have gone through, such as the Internet, horror movies, violent video games, the negative music industry, verbal abuse from teachers and parents, absent fathers, being witnesses to murder, victims of violence, and so forth. A United Nations report thus describes adolescence as “A period of transition commonly characterized by stress and anxiety.” Sadly, negative and young as they are, it’s impossible for them to handle these two issues in a positive…show more content…
But the signs are not all that easy to recognize.” Why? Because nearly all teens get in a low mood now and then, as do adults. What is the difference between a mere case of the blues and depression? Much has to do with the intensity and duration of the condition. Intensity involves the degree to which negative feelings afflict the youth. More severe than a minor bout with despair, depression is an all-consuming emotional illness that seriously impairs the teen’s ability to function normally. Depression is diagnosed only when a youth exhibits a number of symptoms every day, most of the day, for at least two weeks. A relatively brief bout is referred to as a depressive episode. Dysthymia, a more chronic form of mild or moderate depression, is diagnosed when symptoms persist for at least a year with no more than two months of relief. In either case, what are some common symptoms of

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