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The autobiography of Lois Simmie, an author who has specialized in Children’s literature and short fiction. Lois was born on June 11, 1932, in Edam, Saskatchewan. She taught writing classes for many years, numerous workshops at the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts and sessions at the Canadian Authors Association conferences. At the Saskatoon Public Library in 1987–88, she was writer-in-residence. Lois Simmie has written a lot of popular books, she wrote the non-fiction book called The Secret Lives of Sargent, John Wilson, her short story Red Shoes was adapted as a feature film in 1986, and the play Auntie’s knitting a Baby, based on her book, and was presented by 25th Street Theatre in 1991. Lois Simmie has won several awards recognizing…show more content…
John Wilson August 1996, Lois Simmie was obviously using the book to not only entertain her readers, but to education the history of Sgt. John Wilson, as he was too first and last RCMP to be hung for murder, She attempted justice by relating the victim's side of the story, rather than glorifying decisions of Sgt. John Wilson. She has a lot of the other side of the story to share as well; Polly's story. Her purpose was not to add pity to Polly's namesake, but instead to share their story. The history of Sgt. John Wilson would be worthwhile to read, gives background history of real events that took place in Saskatchewan, you learn a lot about the past while in that time period. Simmie has successfully pulled off a captivating novel, which has been read by many people worldwide. Lois Simmie put good detailed dedication on each and every page can be seen throughout the book, given that pieces of information used were proven to be realistic. Lois Simmie book rated top seller for worldwide, became popular for schools to knowledge high school students of true events and history, she has fulfilled her purpose. The secret lives of Sgt John Wilson was then published as a movie in…show more content…
John Wilson later asks Mary Hutchison for her hand in marriage. John Wilson later involved himself in scandal, he later decided to flee Canada in the hopes of getting away from a scandal in Scotland, leaving his wife six months pregnant and his son George, behind with the promise that he will return the following year. While he falls severely ill with Tuberculosis and is unable to return back to Scotland. When he was ill a charming 16 year old girl, Jessie, takes great care of him whom he eventually falls in love with. John Wilson then decides to ask Jessie Patterson’s hand in married, while promising Jessie that he was divorcing his wife Polly Wilson that he left in Scotland, after 6 years Polly Wilson decides to come to Canada in search for her husband who hasn't replied to any of her letters. Polly left to Canada, leaving her two kids in the care of her family, where she promises to write and be back soon as possible. Polly arrived in Regina John was startled by Polly's surprise visit, but does not tell her the truth about his intentions to marry Jessie. John and Polly lived in Regina for a while where he had time to decide what to do with Polly, She was pregnant, and Wilson in love with Jessie and promising to marry her. On a car ride to Blaine Lake, John told his wife Polly they were to go

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