Utopian Society In The Giver

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Imagine a world where you make no decisions, choice is forbidden, and the world is supposedly perfect, but we all know that can’t be true. Lowry’s novel, The Giver, lacks several key aspects to be considered a good read. It can be argued,The Giver, lacks characterization and conflict development, Jonas’s world may be described as perfect but this novel certainly isn’t. The story, takes place in an utopian community, where everything is “perfect”. There is no crime, starvation or poverty. The society is almost like communism done right. The setting is interesting and leaves you asking questions about why or how the society exists. The main character is Jonas, a 12 year old boy, who is chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory. His family consist of 3 other people, his mom and dad plus, his sister, Lily, and a new child named Gabe, who bring many challenges of his own.…show more content…
Instead the society is run by rules and order. People don’t die naturally. Instead they are “released” or euthanized. “There were only two occasions of release that were not punishment. Release of the elderly, which was a time of celebration for a life well and fully lived; and release of a newchild, which always brought a sense of what-could-we-have-done” (Lowry 7). The other most important character is The Giver. He is like the grandfather Jonas never had. The Giver grants Jonas wisdom, advice, and love. He is the one who matures Jonas into learning the realities of the world. He also shows Jonas a life changing decision that could get him killed or save Gabe. The beginning starts with Jonas preparing for the Ceremony of Twelve, the event where Jonas will learn what role he will play in the community. The role he gets as The Receiver of Memory is the most difficult job in the community. This new role also comes with its own new rules and old one he can

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