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All stages all places and all types of life are sectioned. There are tiers of life, divided into 5 sections, called Maslow’s Hierarchy; the novel Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry is about a young girl in a broken and confused society. In the novel Gathering Blue the characters stages in life can be broken down into Maslow’s Hierarchy. Kira is the main character in the novel, she finds Love and Belonging through her exciting and troublesome life. After moving from her childhood property and moving into a dorm in the council building, and given new group of people the in community. Finding friends and belonging was easy. She was known to be amazing at thread weaving. Having similar talents and buildups with people around her allowed for connections and comfort to happen naturally. Kira gained a group of friends,that she cared for and they cared for her. Being put in an unfamiliar position with no parents made others caring for her very comforting. When the young girl Jo moved in she was very frightened. Kira would visit and calm Jo as often as possible because she cared and knew how it felt. Kira would tuck her in at night she would give her advice and talk to her as a older help.…show more content…
Kira has a weak and twisted leg. No one in her village has the same condition because it is not allowed. Kira is proud of her setbacks. Even after going through a trial of whether she should be left to die as a setback to the village, or be a great weapon to the society she felt stronger than ever. Though her life was on the line she knew that she was a privileged young women. She has respect for herself allowing her to respect others. Never bringing herself down gave her a bright outlook towards others. Others would claim she was living a luxury life she showed them their luxuries. Kira would show the village people teach them and help them to respect

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