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Analysis 1.For both A and B, which of the substances diffused through the membrane? How do you know? For both activities A and B, water was observed to have diffused through both selectively permeable membranes. For instance, during activity A, the iodine and water mixture, was seen to have diffused into the cell membrane, due to the starches color change to a dark blackish blue. Furthermore, at closer examination, it is shown that the iodine is the hypotonic solution, that diffused into the hypertonic solution, in order to accomplish equilibrium. In comparison, activity B also demonstrated the diffusion of water through the cell membrane. Furthermore, the glucose was discovered to have diffused in and out of the bag, due to the positive test…show more content…
This unfortunate result is due to the fact, that a the freshwater fish, has a selectively permeable membrane, that through the process of osmosis, would rapidly diffuse water into the hypertonic solution(sea water). Furthermore, the fish's cell membrane would be impermeable to the salt molecules, therefore the fish would not be able to obtain the necessary amount of fresh water; to restore and maintain internal equilibrium. In other words, the fish would continue to secrete water indefinitely, until it became shriveled and dried…show more content…
This would cause dehydration if the salt content of the water was over 50% because the salt would be drawing more water out through osmosis then you were taking in. 4. Why must protein and starch be digested or broken down before the cells of your digestive tract can absorb them? Proteins and starches must be broken down before being absorbed because they are large molecule strands and also need to be the right size to be able to be absorbed. This is because the cells are selectively permeable so they can only absorb molecules that are the right size or compound, so proteins and starches are broken down with the highly acidic pH levels of stomach bile so they are the correct size to be able to be absorbed. 5. If a nurse made a mistake and gave a patient a transfusion of distilled water rather than plasma, what would happen to the patient’s blood cells? Explain If the patient was given a transfusion of distilled water, the water surrounding the blood cells would be a hypotonic solution, meaning that the water would travel inside the cells because it needs to create equilibrium by adding water to the cell and taking out some salt and dispersing out into the water. The cell would become

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