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There are three spheres of government which are national, provincial and local government. Local government plays an essential role in civilizing communities lives by providing and delivering basic services. Furthermore local governments set the directions for their municipalities through long term planning. It is therefore important that the three spheres of government work hand in glove to improve service delivery by municipalities and also for the enhancement of local democracy. Local government through municipalities has a core role of ensuring that communities receive what they are entitled through empowering them and through arrangements that reflect local circumstances. It is a sphere of government which is closest to the people. Local…show more content…
(Lawal: 2010) Policy The authoritative allocation through the political process, of values to groups or individuals in the society. (Lawal: 2010) 2. RATLOU LOCAL MUNICIPALITY Ratlou municipality is a classed B municipality located in the Ngaka Modiri Molema District municipality in the North West Province. The municipality for the most part is rural in nature and is established by 26 villages and commercial farms. 3. THE PURPOSE(USES) OF MONITORING AND EVALUATION Monitoring and evaluation is utilized for various purposes. The purpose which is utilized for regulates the particular orientation of every evaluation. Monitoring and evaluation can be utilized for the following purposes:- i. Management decision making Monitoring and evaluation system enhance managerial process and provide proof for decision making. Furthermore this system cannot replace quality management practice; it can rather increase and complement management. (Koma:…show more content…
This factor leads to service delivery protests which pose a security risk to community members. Example Ratlou was in SABC news where they were protesting by closing Vryburg road (R55 road) protesting for water and sanitation. There are no youth centres or recreational facilities which are availed by the municipality that is why there high rate of teenage pregnancies as there are no resources which keep youth busy. Municipality needs to prioritise service delivery in order to curb social illnesses in the communities. (Madumo:

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