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The Role of Symbolism in So Big Symbolism is the use of symbols to express or represent ideas or qualities in literature, (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Edna Ferber uses symbolism to create an intriguing work of literature, So Big. Selina Peake grows up in the city with her father until her father passes away where she is then forced to provide for herself. Living in the city requires an expensive lifestyle, so Selina moves out to the country to get a job as a teacher. The lifestyle of Haymarket is a shock to Selina. Over time, Selina grows to love the silence and beauty of the country. Although Selina raises her son, Dirk, in the country, he has bigger ambitions than becoming a farmer so he moves into Chicago looking for success. Edna Ferber uses repetition of the nickname “So Big, hands and the use of setting to add a symbolic meaning to the novel. The first use of symbolism in So Big is the repeated use of the nickname “So…show more content…
Selina Peake grows up in the city without having to get her hands dirty to be able to live her life comfortably. Selina relies heavily on her father to provide everything for her, until Mr. Peake dies then Selina must start to learn how to take care of herself. Insert quote here. Before Mr. Peakes death, Selina does not have to work hard to have a plentiful life because she is under her father's care, which allows for her hands to be clean and pure throughout her childhood in Chicago. After Selina’s husband’s death she is left with a farm and a child. Selina makes the decision to stay on the farm and do all the work that normally a man should do while doing the stereotypical job a mother should do during that time period which is to take care of your son. Selina taking on the difficult task of multi-tasking a man’s work on a farm and a woman’s she starts to get her hands dirty. Selina starting to get her hands dirty by working to provide for herself and her son symbolizes her maturity

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