Zoning In Houston

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Houston is a big city of America. It has good landscapes and a big population. People need their places to live and establish industries and stores. The city has lenient housing plans and everyone can find their place to live in the city given the flexibility provided by the government. The city does not have a particular zoning plan like every other city and there are very flexible rules to accommodate with the land use. These flexible rules attract more people to come and make the city their abode. According to Randal O’Toole (2008), the government intrudes very moderately in the matters of landowners about how they use their lands. Thus Houston is one of the most affordable cities in America most of the other American cities have more than…show more content…
Elazar’s ‘Individualistic-Traditionalistic’ political culture is significantly related to the land use planning in Houston. The lack of zoning is a major factor that affects the individual approach of a person towards his idea of settling into the city, which later on affects the traditional political context. The land zoning is a problem as well as a suitable facility for the people living in the city as it provides them the opportunity to make themselves at home with the place and they do not need to look for a lot of permits and approvals to make things happen for them. Although the traditional approach in several American cities demands the city to be planned and adjusted in a way to suit the requirements of the whole community, but the flexibility in norms related to land is what makes the city so easy to live. Thus we can say that the land zoning in Houston is more of a beneficial factor for the city of Houston than a problem. The flexibility makes it easy to access and people get their place in the city conveniently. The city has shaped itself according to the needs of the people and this is why the city is very popular. People know how to use their lands and they have the freedom to do it their way. Thus the city is not exactly

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